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Tactical Division's Code of Conduct

All members of Tactical Division are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct when representing Tactical Division and playing with Tactical Division members. It is also highly recommended to adhere to the code at all times.


You should show respect to all TD members and also all teammates, friends and foes that you meet in the game. Racism, sexism and other forms of harassment are strictly forbidden. Swearing is fine as long as you don?t veer into the aforementioned forbidden territory.


We expect the members to be mature when it comes to dealing with adversities, chatting with acquaintances and strangers, resolving conflicts etc. While no age limit is enforced, being of certain age does not automatically mean you are mature enough and vice versa.


Members are expected to be polite in the game when chatting to other people. Do not use excessive swearing, call people names etc. If provoked, stay calm and respond in a polite way or don?t respond at all.


This clan is all about teamwork. Working together towards a common goal in our main mission in any game. If you are only concerned with your KDA and rank, you might reconsider your priorities and membership. The team is always above an individual expect if we explicitly agree to not take a certain game/round seriously.


There is always room for improvement. Some members might be more skilled than you, some less. Try to learn from the former and teach the latter. Try not to micromanage people unless they are okay with it; people like to learn thing in their own way and most games promote and reward creativity. Your way might not always be the best way and even if it is, respect others? opinion and let them learn from their mistakes.


In most games, good communication between team members is often key to success. Try to inform others about important facts and refrain from being a chatterbox when there is no need for it. You just got taken out? Don?t swear and complain, but inform others about the enemy and his/her position. Some people might require dead silence at a certain point in a game; be ready to zip it in an instant.


Try and build a team that is well-suited for the task at hand even if that means you have to go against your personal preferences occasionally. Help formulate a plan and stick to it to the best of your ability. Suppress the urge to show off and do everything yourself; that?s how you lose games.


Always be ready to accept new ideas and try new things. Your way might not always be the best way.


Some players and members are still learning how to play the game. Support them, teach them and be patient with them. You didn?t get good in a day and so won?t they.


Don?t argue with teammates. They might be wrong but putting being right in front of working well together is not the way to go. Try to let go and if necessary, bring things up after the game is finished.


Being able to trust your teammates is extremely important; try to be reliable and do what you said or were asked to do. Build trust in other members to boost team performance.


A team needs a leader; do your best to obey him/her in order to succeed. You might not agree with some decisions but every member following orders is important for the plan to work as intended. Feel free to take charge of the team if you know what you are doing and everyone agrees with it.

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